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Meet Phillippa Wass, who runs award-winning Phonics Bear classes in Oxford.

Alongside nursery sessions, Phillippa also runs a number of classes & activities for parents/carers & their children:

Here's more about Phillippa:

“My name is Phillippa. I have been a primary school teacher for nearly 13 years.  

Throughout my 13 years of teaching, children’s wellbeing, safeguarding, and learning is at the heart of everything I do. As a classroom teacher, I believe every child can be an effective learner. It is up to us to find the spark that ignites learning, and this is something I have worked hard on in all schools I have worked in. The impact of this has been that all children therefore have had the opportunity to achieve their full potential. I have worked in schools in areas of deprivation with children who are vulnerable, have English as an additional language, Special Educational Needs and where life itself can be a challenge for them. It is my passion as a teacher to not only create relationships with the children in my class, to enable them to show their full potential, but also to create relationships with parents and guardians. So that, where necessary, I can offer help and support to them if needed as well as their children to enable us to work together in unity rather than against each other.  

I have such a huge love for children and making sure they get the best start in life and this is what I believe phonics bear does.   

Having had a tough 2 years with the COVID pandemic, my partner being poorly with COVID, my dad passing away and having my little girl, I have learnt what is important in life and that is family. I believe that Phonics bear allows me to carry on my love for children and teaching but also give me the flexibility to have a life with my family, watch my little girl grow while being at all her milestones such as starting school.  As a teacher, I believe that Phonics bears helps develop their speech and language, which is currently so important due to the lack of interaction and experience with, lock downs we have had.  In addition, it develops early literacy skills to create a confident learner, giving them a head start for school and I just cannot wait for Phonics bear to be part of my journey and to be part of Phonics bear’s journey.   

I consider myself a dedicated and hardworking member of staff. I have a great sense of humour and enjoy working as part of a team and helping others. Due to events that I have been through in my personal life, I would say I am a strong, positive, and resilient person. Within my career, I am ambitious, enthusiastic and have high standards both for the children I teach and for myself.

To find out more about Phonics Bear classes in Oxford, just drop Sam a line at phillippa.wass@phonicsbear.co.uk or to book onto a class, just click here.

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