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Let us help you with your worries.

Let us help you
with your worries.

Let us help you
with your worries.

Right now is a worrying time for everyone. Worry and anxiety are common emotions that everyone feels from time to time.  Throughout 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak – followed by a series of lockdowns we have all been through a turbulent time like nothing we have seen before.  As an adult we may have worries about Coronavirus, family members and friends, trying to home-school our children whilst working from home or perhaps our jobs may not be as secure as they once were.

My own children have many questions even now about the Virus. They were also worried when returning to school after the first lockdown after having such a long break from education.  These worries if unchecked can manifest themselves in various negative behaviours.

At Phonics Bear we have been busy creating lots of new characters for our Phonics class for kids and one of these has been a Worry Monster to help children to confront these fears, worries and anxieties.  The idea is simple – the child writes down the thing that is troubling them – it may be more than one thing.  They then send it to our Worry Monster and he will open the worry and eat it!  Our Worry Monster will contact you to let you know when he has eaten your worry.  This is a way to help your children overcome worries.

It takes courage to share your worry

It takes courage to share your worry – but a problem shared is a problem halved and as our little way of saying thank you we will send you some free wellbeing cards to play at home as well as some assertiveness resources and ideas to boost mental wellbeing during this time at home.

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