Phonics Bear sessions for nurseries

The benefits of phonics are well-documented. And by running Phonics Bear sessions in your nursery, the toddlers & pre-schoolers in your setting are guaranteed to have an hour of effective, carefully-structured phonics learning every week that are run by specialists in their field and enhance the teaching that you already do.

Why choose Phonics Bear?

We provide weekly structured classes, which we’re continually developing and evolving to be as effective and enjoyable as possible (because as we all know, children learn best when they’re having so much fun that they don’t realise that they’re learning!).

why choose phonics bear

Our sessions fully support the EYFS

Phonics Bear classes have been created by experienced teachers and education providers in line with the EYFS guidelines.

Our multi-sensory sessions cater for auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners, and our programme explores key skills such as name writing, letter recognition and formation, rhyming words, alliteration, blending sounds to make words, and segmenting words to find out which sounds are used to make them. 

phonics head start at school

Our classes give children a head start

Reception can be a tough year for many children as they find their feet, and they’re expected to achieve so much! Phonics Bear nursery sessions can help by giving them a head start with:

Phonics Bear Head Start
3 more great reasons!

We prepare them for ‘big school’!

As well as introducing pre-school children to letters and sounds, Phonics Bear nursery classes develop the whole child.

We help prepare them for primary school by making use of regular group times, nurturing confidence & boosting self-esteem, fostering early team-working skills, and practising fine & gross motor skills.

A different session each week

We plan our nursery classes over a full 39-week period, which means our little bears experience a different Phonics Bear session every week so never sit through the same class more than once.

We involve parents in their child’s learning

Because we believe that it’s important to include parents in their child’s learning journey, we carefully chart each child’s progress that nurseries can share with parents each week.

We’ve won awards for what we do

Since our launch just a few short years ago, we’ve already won a number of awards:

Our classes work!

Our classes are oversubscribed for 2 simple reasons: they’re fun, and they work! 

Which is why we have a 5 star rating from parents and nurseries alike.