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We deliver our classes in our growing portfolio of local nurseries on a weekly basis.  The children just can’t contain their excitement for phonics bear and as soon as they have their phonics t shirt on they are ready to play and learn.

We work closely with local schools to help with the transition to Big School.

Our classes are planned over a full 39 week period and therefore our little bears experience a different phonics bear session every week without doing the same class twice.



We run private classes for everyone in a variety of soft play centres and community spaces.  Email us today to check availability near you. Enquire Now


We offer a variety of seasonal parties both in our nurseries and in our community groups so that our little bears can have fun with their friends, with lots of games, giggles and prizes!

Holiday Clubs

We offer a variety of holiday clubs throughout the nurseries we work with that are open to everyone.  Get in touch to find out where your local holiday club is.

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Phonics Bear regularly provides ideas that you can try with your own little ones at home to help them learn their letters as well as encourage fine and gross motor skills and muscle development in the arms and hands ready for writing.  Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular free resources and ideas.