Benefits of phonics

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The benefits of Phonics

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read and write that was introduced to all schools throughout the UK in 2010 as the main way for children to learn.

While it’s such a big difference from the way that most parents were taught, it has a number of benefits for pre-school children.

Enhances early literacy skills

Phonics has been championed as making a real difference to the way children learn literacy, helping them master reading skills much faster and more effectively. 

By learning each individual letter sound (phoneme) as it sounds, rather than the letter name, children can more easily put those individual sounds together to make simple words as a precursor to learning to read. 

Similarly, children can reverse this process and segment simple words by listening to the letters that they’re made from.

benefits of phonics

Helps with speech & language development

What’s more, by breaking words down into their individual sounds, and slowing down to look at the way each sound is formed, and how our mouths and lips work to make each sound, phonics can help children who struggle with speech and language development. 

phonics speech and language development

Gives them a head start at school

Phonics is such a fundamental part of learning to read & write, and introducing pre-school children to letters in a fun, play-based way helps them get a head start when they start school – making the transition less daunting both for children and their parents.

phonics head start at school

Helps with barriers to learning

Phonics has also been heralded as helping children with barriers to learning, such as those suffering with dyslexia.

In each Phonics Bear nursery class, we look at both what the letter sounds like and how it is formed. 

At Phonics Bear, classes are so much fun that children don’t even realise they’re learning!

phonics helps with barriers to learning

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